Sunday, December 2, 2012

Boots Boots Boots

If I'm being honest, there is not much I like about winter. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas. And I do get a little excited at the first sight of snow. But, aside from that, I pretty much go into a seasonal depression. But I have to say there is this thing about boots that makes the sting of cold weather just a little more bearable. I am constantly searching for new styles I can add to my collection, so I figured I'd share some of my favorite boot possessions, as well as ones I am lusting over! It's okay to add yourself to your Christmas shopping list, right?!? ;)
Panoa boots by Guess
I got these as a gift two Christmases ago and I am obsessed with them! I literally wear them every other day and the leather is starting to wear around the toe area. I actually had a bit of trouble finding these available online and I am contemplating buying a 2nd pair for backup before they are completely unavailable... but I haven't been able to bite the bullet yet. I am still holding on hope that the pair I have will last forever!

Newworld Platform boots by Nine West

I came across these boots totally unintentionally a few weeks ago and I'm so happy I did! I probably have 3 other pairs of black boots (1 pair of heels, 1 pair of flats and 1 pair of wedges), but you know when you go to the mall searching for an outfit for a certain occasion... and you find something totally not what you thought you were looking for that you love... but then you realize you don't have the right shoes to wear with it... but you buy it anyway... and hope and pray that you will get really lucky and find the right pair of shoes before that said occasion... that is TOMORROW!?!  Well... that is exactly the story behind these pretty little things. I needed black boots (with heels, of course) to go with the outfit I found, but the ones I owned were extremely uncomfortable and I knew I would be miserable if I had to wear them all night. With very low expectations, I decided to browse through Macy's on my way out of the mall. These instantly caught my eye, and considering the big heel, were THE most comfortable boots I have ever tried on in my entire life! I was so surprised I actually found something so quickly and obviously had to have them. And an even bigger surprise was that they were on sale. I paid $63 bucks for these (almost half off)!!!! This purchase was obviously meant to be.

Intyce by Steve Madden (in Cognac)
These are another purchase that I've been loving (and living in) for about 2 years. They are super comfortable and the perfect weekend boot. If you ask anyone who owns these boots, I guarantee they will tell you that they don't know how they even survived without them! They are totally worth the money and I actually love them so much I recently purchased them in Stone, as well:
They are a little lighter in person, but I still love them. Regardless of the color, this style is evidently very popular and can be purchased several places - Nordstroms, Dillards, Amazon, Zappos, Piperlime. I've found the price to be about the same everywhere, but if you use coupon code BFF25 on you can get them for 25% off PLUS free shipping (I'm pretty sure it expires tomorrow though!) Totally worth the money.

Minka boots by Style&Co.
These were another pair that I bought when I had no need or intention to buy any more boots (have you sensed a theme here??), but my cousin was on the prowl for something somewhat dressy that she could wear comfortably all around NYC, and these are just that. They can definitely be casual, but also are sort of edgy with the faux zipper down the back. We both bought a pair and my only complaint is they sometimes are a little squeaky when I walk. I'm pretty sure they are synthetic leather, but they didn't break the bank (I believe I got them for about $50 bucks at Macy's with a coupon), so overall I'm pleased with this purchase and would definitely recommend if you are looking for a comfortable boot that can easily switch from day to night.

Adora Bootie by Jessica Simpson (Espresso)
I've had these for about a year and I definitely think I've gotten my money's worth. I needed a pair of dark brown boots to go with some work pants and these do the trick. I love how the heel is so thick, and although I don't wear these much outside of the office, they would definitely be cute with a pair of skinny jeans as well.
Now for the boots I am dreaming about, that I will probably never own..............
Lesly Ankle Boot by Michael Kors
Lesly Knee Boot by Michael Kors

I adore these two-toned riding boots that Kourtney Kardashian is wearing above and after a bit of research, determined that they are Chanel. I am obviously dreaming. I also found these Michael Kors ones that are similar, but I don't love them as much. Regardless, I am refraining myself from buying either. Oh, to be a celebrity.....

Melissa Trapunto boots by Frye (Cognac or Dark Brown)


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