Saturday, September 15, 2012

Accent Nail - Love it or Lame?

As I've mentioned here, I frequent my nail salon quite regularly. I'm always looking for something new and different I can do to my nails, but tend to shy away from any sort of "nail art" that my manicurist (often) suggests. The latest trend I've been seeing a lot of recently is an accent nail and I am intrigued. Although I've yet to see this on a "regular" person on the streets, I've noticed it a lot in the celebrity/gossip/fashion mags and am tempted to try it out myself. What do you guys think?? 

LOVE it or LAME?

If you're on board with this trend, but don't know how to pick your accent color, refer to this post for some tips on color pairing!
Source: Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

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